Solving Density Problems

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Where appropriate, ignore the small volume contribution of the stabilizer in the calculations.

Hint and answer Hints And Numerical Answers For Density Problems Use Archimedes' principle.

After some additional time has passed, 15 liters of gas is used up and a fresh 15 liters of gas is pumped into the tank to replace it.

How much stabilizer must now be added to the fuel inside the tank to maintain the correct concentration of stabilizer?

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Assume the volume of the two liquids is additive when mixed.

Hint and answer Problem # 7 It is given that 10 m L of fuel stabilizer treats 3 L of gasoline.

(Answer: 28.57 kg, 27.74 L) Problem # 5 A solid cylinder of length 10 cm is placed in water.

It stands upright with the top 3 cm protruding above the water surface. How much of liquid B (in grams) does 1 kg of the mixture contain?


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