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There is a single correct way to format a cover letter because every cover letter should be unique to the job you're applying to.Depending on whether you're making a career change, moving cities, or just looking to take on a new challenge, your cover letter format will change.

This paragraph should be no more than a few sentences.

In the second and potentially third paragraph, you’ll go into more detail regarding why you are a good fit for the role.

All that aside, the bottom line is that most job applications require or at least have the option to include a cover letter in your submission.

If you're not using your cover letter to your advantage then you could be leaving the door open for someone to beat you out for a job.

Even know the expert opinion seems torn on whether or not cover letters are worth the time it takes to write them.

It’s possible you’re in the same predicament: trying to make an impression without soiling your chances at a dream job.

Begin making an impression this early in the letter by highlighting why you're the right person for the job.

The point here is to state your interest and grab hold of their attention.

The first section of your cover letter is the header.

You should format the header of your cover letter just as you'd format a formal letter.


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