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This is understood as a measure of maturity: Bagawath Geetha: Through Self-control (of the mind and its engagement) one remains one’s own best friend Katha Upanishad: The notions of death and birth are determined by the state of mind. Everything you experience is determined by the conditioning of your mind!Adi Sankara: Learn to focus your mind on the enlightened view of the Universe (i.e) everything is enabled by the same laws of nature, described in totality as .

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Instead I try to apply the principles of scriptures – mostly Bhagawath Geetha – as they apply to day to day life. The card is priceless just as the close relationship with friends and the warmth and joy they add to life! I believe that depends on the meaning and our understanding of the term – maturing. It is considered “mature” when it yields a good crop of fruits rewarding the farmer worthy of his efforts.

It was a well-chosen card and set me thinking on aging and maturing. Hence in some regard “maturity” is a matter of benefits derived or delivered as a natural course of events.

Maturity can also be seen as the ability to deploy our mind through our thoughts to control our emotions or feelings while recognizing their inter-connected nature.

This kind of maturity can evolve with age (and hence time), but it can also come at any age from our objective outlook gained through self-control.

In that respect maturing indeed is a choice while we age and grow old inevitably!

Dear reader: 2018 has now passed on and we are now in 2019! But, some may say it is just a chore, another day in the continum: Another Day Another Dollar! It is a custom made book created for and gifted to my 20 month old grand daughter on her first birthday, few months ago!

Essays on approaches for spirituality in practice (Si P).

Some essays are simple, some need a bit of in-depth reading.

Hence choices with respect to maturity can span a wide range of means (physical, emotional and/or intellectual), outcomes as well as beneficiaries.

Unlike other objects of nature, we the human beings are endowed with a mind that can both think (of thoughts) as well as feel (the emotions).


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