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The title of s article is Google making us stupid poses a pertinent and decidedly...... The article of Nicholas Carr, “Is Google making us stupid?

What the internet is doing to our brains,” argues that the Internet and other technologies have changed the modern generation.

I, for the life of me, cannot fathom why they would refuse such a fine literacy perfectionist.

If she failed a question about chocolate, God knows how she would have fared if she had undergone a grammar test.

He had experienced a decrease on his abilities to create a reflection on the texts content.

When you have to write an essay, there’s usually a required word count you have to compose.There are two primary ways to convince your professor that your essay meets the volume to expand your paper content to fill up your essay with the needed amount of words to make your essay longer on google docs. As for a second way, I wouldn’t honestly say that there is any second way because it is rather a kind of visual fraud.It is hard to believe, but this second stage is even more agonizing and takes almost as much time as getting through the first one.One fine day you'll also get there, but for now, you need to focus on making your text grow in scope.Well, any writing process has its circle of life, and insufficiency of words is its integral stage.The next everybody-wants-to-get-there stage is a word redundancy.Firstly, it does not take a great deal of analytical or scientific discovery to realize that the way in which technology has reshaped and classified our world is without question.Moreover, a sociological increase into the way in which technology has shifted interpersonal dynamics, relationships, and communication has been conducted by a variety of researchers and convincingly pointed to the fact that the current era of texting, instant messaging, Facebook et al has significantly decreased the amount of time that individuals spend in face-to-face communication and has moved society convincingly towards something of a more introverted nature. Although, as Carr discusses, introversion in and of itself is not necessarily a poor character trait, it must be noted that the overuse and reliance upon these technological tools which have already been discussed has created a dynamic by which formerly extroverted individuals are merely introverted and carrying out a great deal of interpersonal communication that one might otherwise carry out face-to-face via the Internet or other technologically enabled means.It has made many people lazy and changed the way people perform their daily life activities.Carr is right when he argues that the Internet and social networking sites have changed the way people think.


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