Tax Problems Solved

You don’t have to lose any more sleep over your tax levy. But many times, the interest is higher than even a credit card.

We can help find relief for your lofty tax debt by addressing – and preventing – aggressive collection actions.

That’s why we make ourselves fully available throughout the process, as if you were our only case.

Here is how it works: We believe in delivering real value from the very first call. We tell you exactly what’s possible given your tax situation, and then work persistently to get you the very best results.

If you owe the IRS, worrying about wage garnishments, tax liens, bank levies and collection attempts can weigh you down.

Tax Problems Solved

We understand, because we help people lift that weight every day.

From the start of the process to the final successful negotiation of my IRS Offer In Compromise, their communication was constant, clear and concise.

I owed the IRS approximately 0K and Scott negotiated a final offer for only K... I'm thankful and grateful for the fantastic service and resolution Precision provided.

We know that good people fall into bad tax situations and need a little (or big) lift to get back on track.

You don’t have to face the scary tax monster alone.


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