Team Effectiveness Essay

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As the group process continues, members switch back and forth between the roles. If there is too much emphasis on criticism of contributions and evaluation of ideas, the group may not come up with any new and innovative ideas to try.

Maintaining a balance is the role of the group leader.

When the entire group sees itself as having a common set of goals to achieve, and each member of the team understands his or her contribution to the overall team effort, the best results are achieved.

Groups that work effectively have the following characteristics: Groups go through a set of predictable stages of development.

The kitchen staff on other shifts, management, and other components of the operation may also be considered “them.” This is not productive in a well-functioning restaurant.

The staff may believe that if only “they” were more understanding, worked harder, or knew what it was really like, “we” could do the best job.In 1965, Bruce Tuckman, who carried out research on group dynamics, identified the four stages as forming (getting to know each other); storming (initial confrontation as group members identify their differences); norming (coming together to work for the benefit of the team); and performing (working well together with a process to deal with any differences of opinion and reassessing to look for opportunities for improvement).(Tuckman, 1965) During reassessment, members examine their performance and working processes.Because the team has a different membership, the whole group may revert to an earlier stage of development.This is especially true if the new team member has a position of authority over other members.The goal of restaurant and food service establishments is to provide high-quality meals and excellent service to customers while staying within food and labour costs so that the operation can make a profit.This goal can only be achieved with the cooperation and support of all of the staff.This is an immature way of looking at your workplace and unfortunately the customer will suffer.Being part of a team means being respectful to all other members for their particular role and duties.Just as a football franchise only succeeds when the players and staff form a cohesive team, so too does a restaurant succeed only when the staff forms a working team.Teams invariably outperform individuals if they are working effectively.


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