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To make an essay compelling, it is usually helpful to “tell a story”. Make sure that code displays properly in your posting.You accomplish this by using fenced code blocks and syntax highlighting.

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By definition, an acid can be defined as any substance which when added to water, the concentration of the hydrogen ions (H ) increases. There are two categories of acids, weak acids and strong ...

The emergence of global trade networks from the sixteenth century brought individuals from different cultures and economic systems into contact with one another.

In other words, try to write your essay such that if someone reads it in a year, it will still provide information of value.

If you’re a newbie to the subject, then write it to provide insight and understanding to other newbies.

It is quite easy to assume that ancient trade and interaction between continents and ...

Copper and Fiber technologies are leading components of the computer industry.

The techfolio template essay files are named with the date they were created (i.e

Don’t do this: name each essay file to reflect its subject matter.

Make the essay self-contained, self-explanatory, and useful to that random professional.

Minimize the assumptions you make about that person’s software engineering background (much less their background in this class! Not only should you write it for a variety of people, you should write it for a variety of times.


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