Technical Essay Calling Fastformula From Pl/Sql

Technical Essay Calling Fastformula From Pl/Sql-72
Back to top Formulas are made up of a number of different components.These can include assignment statements, different types of input including database items, functions, nested expressions, and conditions.Depending on the legislation, the system may automatically generate some payroll formulas to define earnings and deductions elements, and you can create as many other formulas as you require to process the elements you define.

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You can define up to 15 input values for an element.

The Inputs statement must appear before the other formula statements except: • any Alias statements, which must always be at the top of the formula • any Default statements that provide default values for input values Syntax INPUTS ARE varname1(data type)[, varname2 (data type)] …

When writing formulas, there are a number of techniques you should use to ensure your formulas are easy to use and understand.

There are also rules for using each type of component that you need to follow.

For example: Syntax DEFAULT FOR This example sets a default of 500.00 for the database item Bonus_Amount.

If Bonus_Amount is empty (NULL) in the database, the formula uses the default value of 500.00 and issues a warning message.

Example Due to performance reasons, It is always recommended to use Inputs statement to retrieve the input values of the element associated with the formula.

Back to top Purpose of Assignment statement is to assign a value into a variable.

You can then call these business rules from other PL/SQL applications.

When you write a formula, you specify for which of these purposes you will use it.


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