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It all begins with an argument between two parties each blaming the other.They use foul language and even try to hit one another in an attempt to prove their point.

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In the midst of depression it can begin to look like the only option left. Depressed people who take their own lives do so because they For more information about the epidemiology of suicide, the Task Force on Life and the Law has provided an excellent resource called When Death is Sought.

Although this online book deals primarily with euthanasia, it gives some valuable information about suicide in general.

People give suggestions on how the situation should have been handled on the social media but nobody steps forward when the help is actually required.

Introduction The stress level of people is on a rise and they look for ways to release the same.

Warning Signs The Suicide Awareness/Voices of Education (SA/VE) Website lists the following danger signs: Talking or joking about suicide.

Statements about being reunited with a deceased loved one.

Example: recurrent death themes in music, literature, or drawings. Unusual visiting or calling people one cares about - saying their good-byes.

Writing letters or leaving notes referring to death or "the end". Giving possessions away, making arrangements, setting one's affairs in order.

Self-destructive behavior (alcohol/drug abuse, self-injury or mutilation, promiscuity).

Risk-taking behavior (reckless driving/excessive speeding, carelessness around bridges, cliffs or balconies, or walking in front of traffic).


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