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if the scene occurs at the 25 minutes, you should write as .. If you have already cited a movie in one place, you should avoid repetition.

This is because the readers will be able to identify the movie if you have given enough details.

Hopefully, the steps given in this article for in-text movie citation for all three styles will help you write the citations properly in your research paper or essay.

While there are many different styles out there, the three most commonly used ones are the MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.

These style guides both ensure that writers don't plagiarize the work of others and provides readers with a roadmap to find the information that informs the paper.

Example: In the example above, the movie name is the key element referring to the entry in works cited page. Write the last names of producers and directors and separate them with commas. If there are multiple producers and directors, list them all in the first in-text citation.

But if you use the director’s name to list a movie, you should use the description about the director and cite his name. In the next in-text citation, you just have to mention the first name of the first person followed by “et al”.If you are writing something which requires citing movie, you will need to know how to do it.So how to in-text cite a movie in your research paper? In this article, we have discussed how to cite a movie with each of these three citation styles.It has a very comprehensive section on external web sites that have further information on this topic. Experts suggest a reflective approach by reading the original source, then writing down your understanding of the idea.Afterward the original source should be compared with your paraphrase to make sure it’s correct (Hacker 361).Example: Marc Webb () have presented the character of Peter Parker in a totally different way than the original Spider-man movie.The other way of in-text citing a movie is to mention its name that your reader can locate in the works cited page.(5) The most recent usage information comes mainly from the data published by Nielsen//Net Ratings, ITU, and other reliable sources.(6) For growth comparison purposes, the usage data published by ITU for the year 2.000 is furnished. the names of the director, producer, studio, distributor, producing company, city, the year when released and medium. For example, if the scene you are citing occurs at 1 hour and 25 minutes, you need to write it as .You should mention a zero where no value is to be mentioned, i.e. Note that whichever style you select, be it citing a movie in text MLA 8, APA or Chicago style or required a style in the instructions by your professor or the publisher, you should use the in-text citation only when it is required.


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