The Best Use Of Time Essay

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The sun, the moon, and such other things also work in a cycle and keep their time. Within the short period, we are to build-up our life. Besides, people become unhealthy if they remain idle all the time. The life of the great prophet, the saints, the political leaders and social leaders teach us to make the right use of time.So, we should always try to make proper use of time. In order to make good use of time, we must follow a routine for work strictly. If a student spoils time through the evil company, he must suffer in the long run. Active and conscious people know the value of time. By following their examples, we may also be able to prosper in life in the future.

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To utilize time fully and effectively, it should be divided according to pieces of work to be done.

In the mysterious maze of each moment, there exists a great potential.

We can also easily notice that if things are not done at their proper time, nobody can be successful.

There is no doubt that idleness is another word for failure.

There is a proverb that, “Time and tide wait for none”. Lost health can be recovered by exercise, proper food and medicine lost money can be regained by dint of hard work but time once lost is lost forever, because nobody can stop the cycle of time. There should be time for our study, exercise, income generating activities, hobby, recreation, self-development and other routine activities.

The Best Use Of Time Essay

It is also necessary to do everything at the right moment.

If a man wastes away forty years of his sixty years of life in vain, then his real life-time is sixty years less forty.

On the other hand, if somebody achieves through work within his twenty- year-life as much as what normally a one-hundred-year-old man can achieve, then it would be a rudeness to measure his life with only a scale of a Twenty-year-period.

If we turn to nature we find that the elements of nature maintain their timeliness.

The ants, bees, insects and all other things work timely. If we waste our time in idleness, all sorts of evil thoughts will come to our mind. If we study the life of the great men of the world, we find that they made proper use of time.


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