The Notorious Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County Essay

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Before Jim can figure out what happened, the stranger takes the money and leaves.

At his point in the narration, Old Simon Wheeler is called away for a minute - but not before he tells the narrator to sit tight because he obviously has a lot more to say.

Originally titled 'Jim Smiley and his Jumping Frog', the quirky characters and original and funny storytelling earned the story an immediate readership.

The story was reprinted in several other papers and magazines and eventually gained its permanent name a few months later.In true Twain style, he maintains a fidelity to regional dialects and real people and creates for average readers both humor and fantasy and a world that questions such important social structures as money, power, class and education.As a result, Twain is one of the great writers of the Realism movement in American literature.The only catch is that the stranger does not have a frog to compete with.So, Jim, wanting to win this bet, goes out to get the stranger a frog, too.Try it risk-free Mark Twain spent his entire adult life writing nonfiction accounts, short stories and groundbreaking novels.He started, however, at a very young age as a typesetter and part-time newspaper contributor.At this point in the story, Simon does interject that he's seen it with his own eyes.The frog that he saw could do all of those things - along with jumping higher than any other frog he'd seen. Keep in mind that Simon's storytelling is what gives the situation a hint of humor and an ounce of regional color: 'He ketched a frog one day, and took him home, and said he cal'klated to edercate him; and so he never done nothing for three months but set in his back yard and learn that frog to jump. He'd give him a little punch behind, and the next minute you'd see that frog whirling in the air like a doughnut see him turn one summerset, or may be a couple, if he got a good start, and come down flat-footed and all right, like a cat.Prior to the creation of his most famous works, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Twain gained acclaim as a short story writer.Twain's short stories (whether widely read or not) show an equal passion and aptitude for creating simple plots that are not just exceedingly funny in , but also exceptionally artful in the way they highlight moral issues at the end.


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