The Process Of Design Is Almost Like Writing An Essay

The Process Of Design Is Almost Like Writing An Essay-8
Do not include any new points in your concluding paragraph.

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The Process Of Design Is Almost Like Writing An Essay Cover Letter For Facilities Maintenance Manager

Again, we will practise this more in Section 4.9: Purpose, Audience, Tone, and Content.Sections versus Paragraphs Before looking at the general structure of an expository essay, you first need to know that in your post-secondary education, you should not consider your essay as writing being constructed with five paragraphs as you might have been used to in high school.You should instead think of your essay in terms of sections (there may be five), and each section may have multiple paragraphs.To understand further why you need to think beyond the five-paragraph essay, imagine you have been asked to submit a six-page paper (approximately 1,500 words).You already know that each paragraph should be roughly 75 to 200 words long.As you will see in Section 4.5: Classification, some essay forms may require even more than five paragraphs or sections because of how many points are necessary to address. For the rest of this chapter, the term paragraph will also imply section.Sections of an Expository Essay An expository essay, regardless of its purpose, should have at least five sections, which are: Introduction First body section/paragraph Second body section/paragraph Third body section/paragraph Conclusion.Both the second and third body sections should follow the same pattern.Providing three body sections with one point each that supports the thesis should provide the reader with enough detail to be convinced of your argument or fully understand the concept you are explaining.Although you did this verbally, you were still fulfilling the elements of an expository essay by providing definition, details, explanations, and maybe even facts if you have a really good memory.This is the same process that you would use when you write an expository essay.


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