The Whipping Boy By Sid Fleischman Book Report

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When the boys learn that the king has posted a reward for the whipping boy, who has been accused of kidnapping the prince, they go into the sewers where they see the highwaymen.

They trick the highwaymen into the most dangerous sewer, where rats attack them, the prince decides that he wants to finally go home.

" /Readers get a feel for life in medieval times in a straightforward, simple story.

The epilogue explains that the practice of having a whipping boy stand in for the prince for corporal punishment was a real practice in the Middle Ages.

from the streets serves as the perfect foil for the arrogant Prince.

Cunning, street-smart, and self-sacrificing, the whipping boy manages to keep the fugitive aristocrat safe, in spite of his deep resentment for a lifetime of abuse at the hands of the royal an exciting, endearing children's novel about a spoiled prince who runs away from the castle with the servant boy who takes disciplinary beatings in his place.

The prince misunderstands Jemmy's intentions and betrays him. They come across a girl searching for her lost dancing bear and she directs them to the river where they find a kind man with a wagon full of potatoes.

The boys help the man get his wagon from the mud, and in return, the potato man gives the boys, the girl, and the bear a lift to the fair, but they are soon intercepted by the highwaymen.

Barbara's Notes: This 'rollicking adventure' is better written than most literature at this level.

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