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In particular, he is scared of some of the changes that he not only has to see, but also has to experience adjust to.If he had his way, the world would be concrete and it would always stay the same.

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It is the basic human need that makes people reach out for other people in order to receive as well as give friendship.

It is easy to see in The Catcher in the Rye that Holden has absolutely no idea what makes a good relationship.

She is willing to invest a lot in relationships, but demands a lot out of them.

This is a fundamental difference in her and in Holden from The Catcher in the Rye.

In The Catcher in the Rye, some serious social themes are addressed in terms of personal development.

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If one wants to consider the development of this important theme in this work, they need to look no further than Holden and his ideals on the world.

This is not reality, though, as the world around Holden is constantly changing.

Each and every day when he wakes up, Holden has to wonder about what will happen to him and this is something that makes him uneasy. Though Holden is not good at relationships and never really has any success in relationships, they are incredibly important to him.

He wants the world to stand still so that he does not have to put up with some of the dangers that it presents.

He does not want to have to make decisions on the fly and he certainly does not want people to hurt his self-esteem or his feelings by responding to some of his concerns.


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