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I first question whether the document is a guide and whether the quarrels between Anglicans are best designated a ... Central to the Christian understanding of sex is, of course, the institution of marriage, and this has become for many, a great stumbling block. ' Both were published in the journal Modern Believing in 2003.

In this first of two articles, written for the journal Modern Believing (Jan. 2003) I commend marriage, but in a way that makes it good news for Christians whether they are married, no longer married, ... It investigates whether sexual relationships other than marriage can also be paths to holiness. Living together before marriage was a big issue in the early noughties.

The theme that 'marital values' can be found in lots of relationships that are not formally marriages is developed at length in my Theology and Families, chapter 5. At the time I was working on my Theology and Families. Bill Ind, invited me to talk to the diocesan clergy about these ... The Anglican Communion is divided over homosexuality (and much else).

I had been studying the teaching of Jesus about children in the synoptic Gospels, and I was feeling moved by Christ's obvious love ... The text of this piece was intended as a booklet, designed for use by two groups of people - marriage preparation trainers and clergy; and couples themselves who intend a Christian marriage. 2005) which services 'A' level Religious Studies students in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics. First, in 2005 the Church of England Bishops had just published their guidelines, Advice to the Clergy, about the questions to put to couples coming to them for marriage in church, at least one of whom had been divorced. Some parts of the Communion declared that the issue had 'impaired' their 'communion' with other parts. Theologians who had contributed to the Theology of Education, or who were working as people of faith in secular universities, were invited to contribute to a volume (see link), The Idea of a Christian University.

Thus, the legitimacy of philosophy was derived from the legitimacy of the underlying faith commitments.

Into the High Middle Ages, Augustine's views were widely defended. Thomas Aquinas offered yet another model for the relationship between philosophy and theology.I had no idea about the storm that was to break within the Anglican Communion later in the decade. While it is nearly ten years old, I think most of the points it makes are still fresh.The Government had just published a document 'Sex and Relationship Education Guidance'.Many of the doctrines central to Christianity have important philosophical implications or presuppositions.In this article, we begin with a brief general discussion of the relationship between philosophy and Christian dogma, and then we turn our attention to three of the most philosophically challenging Christian doctrines: the trinity, the incarnation, and the atonement.' My response is that the scriptures are not to be obeyed at all.At root the issue we are both addressing is how the Bible should be read, and this is the problem that leads to great differences ... This short essay draws on Rowan Williams' essay 'The Body's Grace' in order to provide a reflection on the theological meanings of desire, and of marriage.It questions the extent to which the teaching of the Second Vatican Council about marriage is, as is so often claimed, a 'breakthrough'. This is my piece, published in the Church times, 1st Feb., 2002. In March and April 2001 readers of the Church Times were invited to respond to a range of questions about their beliefs, including their beliefs about sex.It describes and welcomes much of the Council's teaching, especially about the relational ... In March and April 2001 readers of the Church Times were invited to respond to a range of questions about their beliefs. The results were published in the Church Times in January 2002. I gave this presentation at a colloquium at Sarum College, Salisbury, England, 2001. I was pleased to write an essay about theology and happiness for inclusion in a Festschrift for my friend Tim Gorringe. Readers of my new book Making Sense of Sex will recognize some of the arguments in the last couple of ... This short piece appeared in 'Reform', the journal of the United Reformed Church, in December 2009. The essays all demonstrate the vital contribution theology makes to the pervasive modern discourse about ... On 11th June, 2012, the Church of England published its response to the Government's consultation on same-sex marriages. A slightly milder version was published in full in the Church Times of 6th July.


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