Thesis On Group Dynamic

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There are specific behaviors that can prohibit a group or team from successfully reaching their goals.

Both group leaders and team members can contribute to a negative group dynamic.

Groupthink is a term that was coined by Irving Janis.

It refers to a process in which a group can make irrational or poor decisions.

They understand each other’s needs and are able to understand how to work most effectively to accomplish the goal. Adjourning is the dissolution of the group and the opportunity to reflect on successful or unsuccessful outcomes and how those outcomes can help each member perform in future groups better later.

The next time you work in a group or team, try to be cognizant of how your team progresses through these stages.Peer pressure is one of the reasons people conform to groups.In some cases, people go along with group decisions in order to be liked even though they are not in agreement with the final decision.This is often the most difficult stage because this is where group members can feel disconnected or overwhelmed and give up on the overall goal.Some members of the team may not want to do what is asked of them. Norming is when the group starts to come together to formulate a single plan for the common goal.Members will often give up their ideas for the better of the group and the individuals of the group start to understand each other better Performing.In this stage the group is able to work together to accomplish the goal with little need of outside supervision or input.A member who is who often disagrees with others or is inappropriately outspoken. If a group seems to be headed in the wrong direction, have no fear!Team members can improve group dynamics and turn a negative group experience into a positive one by taking time to get to know their team members, clearly define roles/responsibilities for each member in the group so that work is equally distributed, tackle problems quickly, focus on communication, and pay attention to how your group is performing so that way you can easily diffuse any negative group dynamics.Groups are essential for social life, but they may also negatively influence their members.This essay will focus on the dangerous influences groups can have on members.


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