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Basically, the virus is hidden in a program or document and is released when these files are executed.This plague of the electronic age emerged in the 1970s, initially only for programmers to demonstrate their skills.Worms are also used to open ports on the infected user’s device, allowing a hacker total remote control of all available resources on the infected device.

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Technology has become a fundamental part of our daily life.

Nowadays, every modern process uses computers to perform their actions.

Once executed, a Trojan can cause severe damage, such as capture of bank passwords, credit card data, social network passwords, etc.

Another common group of malware are Worms replicate themselves inside an infected device, creating thousands of copies of itself, in order to spread more quickly and prevent an antivirus from removing them before causing damage and contaminating other devices.

“The teachers did not like my work, they rejected my thesis.

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They said it was against the policy of the faculty and everything just because I used the word steal instead of access.

If the virus “I love you” spread so quickly, it was because everyone liked the idea of ​​receiving an anonymous love letter.

The famous love letter was the product of the disgust of a disgruntled student with his faculty, the revenge of Onel, because they rejected his thesis.

According to the consulting company Computer Economics, the losses were around twelve million dollars.

Not even the “Code Red” and “Sircam” viruses, which in 2001 caused an injury of 3 million and 1.5 million dollars, respectively, overcame this virus that certainly entered into history as the most devastating of the global network of computers.


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