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You can use copyrighted material in the version that is not made public (the version you submit for assessment), as long as the use is fair to the copyright owner and is crucial to your argument.When publishing your thesis you need to ensure you have cleared any copyright and permissions and have thought about the terms under which you make it available for others to use.If you are publishing material from your thesis, whether before or after submission, you need to understand whether you can reproduce the material.If you sign a contract with a publisher, check to see whether you have the right to reproduce your material. If you publish prior to submission of your thesis, and the publisher retains copyright, you may not be able to reproduce this material in your final thesis.The University recommends that Ph D students make their thesis available under a Creative Commons licence (open access).In our standard author contract, you transfer – or “assign” – copyright to us as the owner and publisher of the journal (or, in the case of a society-owned journal, to that learned society).Assigning the copyright enables us to: If you publish your article in a Taylor & Francis or Routledge journal, there are many ways you can share different versions of your work with colleagues and peers.There are two main options for authors publishing a (non open access) article in a subscription journal.These are copyright assignment or exclusive license to publish.Understanding your copyright options as an author is becoming ever more important, especially with the growth of open access publishing. The exact duration of copyright depends on the type of work and can vary between countries.However, for a literary work such as an academic article, the duration is usually life of the author plus 70 years.


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