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There are also online programs that have no capstone requirement.

As mentioned above, no online master’s programs in communication or any of its related specializations currently offered by schools in the United States include a thesis as a mandatory graduation requirement.

There are, however, some traditional on-campus programs that do require students to complete a thesis.

In completing an applied project, students still identify and attempt to solve an actual problem in communication or their particular specialization.

The major difference is that they then produce a tangible product meant to address this issue, as opposed to a paper detailing their solution.

The question set is often customized for each student by a faculty committee, and may include both a written and oral component.

While the exam itself may take most of a day to complete, and students can expect to spend a significant amount of time preparing for it, this capstone option still requires less time overall than a thesis or praxis.While some programs offer students the opportunity to write a thesis as their graduation requirement, it is included as one of two or more capstone options.In an online master’s in communication program, capstone options most often include a project, portfolio, comprehensive exam, or internship.There are also some online programs that offer students the chance to complete an internship or portfolio as their capstone requirement. Students who pursue an internship go to work for a business or organization related to their particular field of study.This hands-on experience allows them to apply what they have learned in the program in a real-world professional environment, all while gaining valuable training they can include on their resume.Answer: Yes – There are currently no master’s in communication programs offered online in the United States that require a thesis.At this time, Mastersin lists 116 online master’s degree programs in the field, and not one of them explicitly requires students to complete a thesis in order to graduate.As such, researching and writing a thesis is often great preparation for their future careers.Some programs offer students the choice to write several publishable papers as their capstone requirement.These are typically programs with an academic or theoretical social science focus, designed for students intending to further their studies at the doctoral level.In many cases, graduates of these types of programs go on to work in academia or research.


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