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Another less vocal, yet gravely important argument against blanket technology bans is that it throws out the benefits of mobile technology in an emergency situation.

But does this mean schools should ban all tech, and thus ban all education that can be gleaned from tech, or does it mean that education grants should be devoted towards edtech, so that all students have an equal ability to benefit from it?

When students are given equal access to technology in the classroom, the education landscape changes.

While the study suffers from the classic media folly of over-sensationalized results (the study only looked at 4 phone-banning schools and the effect a rather small 6% improvement), anecdotal evidence from teachers shows that students seem to have a hard time prying their eyes away from the screens.

Given that nearly every student has a wifi-powered phone, it is also important to consider the implications of students using school internet access for their own means.

A Master’s in Educational Technology will teach you to design, implement, and assess tech-based projects so you can bring emerging technologies into the classroom – whether that’s in a K-12 environment, higher education, or even the corporate world.

There are programs that pertain only to K-12 settings and those that are will be more broadly applicable.Research summarized in this publication shows many studies of schools that granted every student a laptop.The studies found that laptop usage improved student engagement and writing scores, but the biggest result was that schools that treated technology as a supplement did not do as well as schools that structured their curriculum around technology.The Case For Ed Tech Given the influx of technological developments in the past few decades, it should come as no surprise that researchers have been examining technology’s effect on learning as early as the 1960’s.A research paper that compared 25 different studies from the past 30 years showed that general computer use in the classroom tends to improve performance by one-third of a standard deviation over slide-and-lecture based lessons, on average (the equivalent of every student improving their course grade by 3 percentage points, or improving their SAT scores by 25 points).Although schools have software in place to prohibit access to certain websites, google shows some 300,000 pages that show students how to ‘jump the firewall’, accessing whichever sites they may choose.While most unauthorized access will be devoted to social media, the very possibility of extra-curricular web exploring still presents a distraction from the task at hand.And if you want to continue with doctoral studies, make sure you choose a program with a research component. This means that you won’t have to leave home (or your job!) to earn an accredited, high-quality master’s degree.The study which found a connection between banning cell phones and improvements on tests also found something which could be used as an argument technology in schools.Demographic information showed that test scores improved differently by race, with minority and under-privileged groups improving their performance most.


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