Tok Essay Structure

A second draft is one of the most powerful ways you have to improve your work.The more ambiguous, broad and poorly detailed the topic, the harder the work of providing a good essay.When you have chosen your topic, create an outline.Your school should provide a clear statement of grading criteria. Discuss it with parents, teachers and fellow students to be sure that you understand what that road map actually says. Starting your essay plan a week before the due date can work for some students, but most students will do better if they select a topic and begin their plan several weeks ahead.That allows time for outlines, discussions with others, and the exploration of alternate lines of reasoning.Have someone else whose reading and intelligence you trust read the essay and discuss it with you.Never forget that what makes sense to you can fall apart when presented to a new mind.Your goal is to work with basic essay structure, rather than against it.A good essay will first present the topic and define the major terms.The entire essay should have covered the basic elements of your topic as a focus for examination.If you have done each of these things, and have done so from the position of having participated fully in your Theory of Knowing class, you will have produced a clear, tight and well focused TOK essay.


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