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The dictionary defines friendship as, “the state of being a friend.” What do you think a friend is? Not only are true friends loyal but they are trustworthy as well. Around a true friend, you can be very comfortable and true. To your friends you can speak freely with them and they won’t judge you and will love you for who you are; someone who will never lie to you and will always be truthful to you even if the truth hurts; someone who will lend you their shoulder to cry on; someone who you can go to for advice and guidance and be a good influence to you. Someone who will stick by your side through the good and bad; through thick and thin; someone who is always going to be there for you no matter what you need them for; someone that will give to you without expecting anything in return.By sight, it seems that friendship demands no effort, concern and protection, but conversely in real.

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Fake friends One must admit that to identify who is your fake friends are a tough task in real time, as far as we still dream and consider that people that surround us is like we are.

But let return to a real world with all fake friends who is like an actor playing their role and even worth an Oscar.

Let us start considering and investigating what friendship is indeed? It is even a kind of mystery connection between people.

Another good thing about friendship is that it is a test for life.

The conflicting claims of morality and immoral act of telling a lie will make my thinking unstable.

If the order to tell a lie cannot be avoided, I will have to kill my conscience and the requires not only the suspension of reasoning power but also a break with the customer line of thinking.After they helped me I felt rejuvenated, I felt alive again.I wanted to go out and help other people that were like me, down and depressed and help them how my friends had helped me.We can safely say that friendship has its own special laws, however strange, too loud or naive it may sound.These life principles are conditions for the friendship existence.I am now developing into a better person because of the accountabilities we have in our friendship. When I am forced to tell a lie, there is bound to be tension in my mind.Be attentive and pay more attention to people who surround you and are willing to become a friend.Check whether any of above-mentioned situations have happened with you and your so-called friend.You are lucky if you have many friends, and you win the lottery if all of them are true friends. It is true that many things come and go in our life: money, works, and experience. More often friends become closer to us rather than relatives.The quantity is not the major indicator; the main one is quality. Friendship shows whether people are interesting, important and valuable one another.


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