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That is to say, if a customer who has purchased a great deal of inventory from Victoria’s Secrets in an individual who espouses a platform of environmental advocacy, then the individual must make a decision as to whether or not actually commit to making a change in terms of supporting a business that is an “enemy of the state” as far as environmental disasters go, or to reverse one’s purchasing decisions as a means of convincing the power to be at Victoria’s Secret to reverse their policies and, perhaps, expand online catalogue distribution as opposed to the traditional paper method.Also, by publicly exposing the Victoria’s Secrets company, the ability for people to claim plausible denial about the deforestations the company has been responsible for is greatly reduced if not outright eliminated.While certain individuals will present bombastic messages with no regard to tact, there are those who possess a faculty of creativity that allows them to present a clear message in an over the top manner that will shock people into confronting the truth of the message.

There are those people whose luxury items hide them from the stark realities of the world, a reality that they are contributing to harm while being able to plausibly deny knowledge of the harm, so shocking them out of their plausible denial remains a major component of reversing the negative trends that they cause.

Organization—what points are you going to make and in what order? (i.e., why do you think this order will be most successful with your readers?

Of course, the catalogue is printed on paper and there are literally tens of thousands of catalogues printed every year.

This places a great deal of onus on those individuals who patronize Victoria’s Secret in a manner which forces them to actualize their complicity in the horrors that deforestation can cause.

In other words, there will be certain people who just don’t care about deforestation. There will be some people who will take the ad to heart and follow its directives, so to that degree, it can be a successful ad.

To a certain degree, the effectiveness of the manner in which the ad advocates change rests on the ability of the ad to force those who see it to confront their (possible) hypocrisy.Ultimately, there needs to be a question asked in regards to whether or not this is a “great” ad.To answer that question, one must provide a twofold answer. Second, is the advertisement effective in bringing about the proper response that the ad is supposed to bring.) There are a number of ways that a message can be delivered.Unfortunately, a polite manner of speech is oftentimes ignored.Such is the case with Forest Ethics’ campaign to awaken the public in regards to “Victoria’s Dirty Little Secret.” So what is “Victoria’s Dirty Little Secret?” Basically, the lingerie company Victoria’s Secrets publicizes its stock by way of a large catalogue that chronicles the multitude of clothing items that they offer for sale.Ultimately, there needs to be a clear examination as to whether or not this is an effective ad campaign. To answer that question, one must provide a twofold answer.First, is the ad great on an aesthetic level and secondly, is the advertisement effective in bringing about the proper response that the ad is supposed to bring.Of course, the catalogue is printed on paper, a great deal of paper, as there are literally tens of thousands of catalogues printed every year.Since the production of paper requires the deforestation of rain forests, the purpose of Forest Ethics’ ad campaign is to raise public awareness by shocking the public with the true facts as to the devastation that the catalogue printing business is causing.


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