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This helps the examiner establish your stand or thoughts on an issue.Here is some vocabulary to help you get started on any essay topic- This paragraph should be divided into more than one paragraph. Even if you are running out of time, write a few concluding lines to your essay. Avoid using slangs, overtly complicated language or leaving sentences half done.The more familiar you are with words, the easier it will be for you to use them correctly.

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So if you are currently not reading a book, get yourself to the nearest library or bookstore and get started. There are many unknowns you'll face as you begin college: what sort of roommate will you have, what major will you choose, will your professors be energetic or indifferent, what will the nightlife be like, will you find love, friendship, a career path, enlightenment. But one thing you can count on is that you'll be asked to write research or term papers, they will most likely be longer than what you were used to writing in high school, they will be held to a higher standard when it comes to grading and there will certainly be more of them. One common reaction after reading the above is to quake with anxiety. Rather, it is much more effective to use these words correctly and sparingly. As the wordsmiths over at Princeton Review tell us, "a big word improperly used can be more dangerous than a nice safe word used correctly." But to use these words effectively one has to know what they mean and that is where strengthening your vocabulary will help. The main body should continue in line with the introduction, detailing out the reasons for your opinion, supporting it with relevant examples and explanation. Don’t make the mistake of assuming what you are expected to do. Make sure you have time to revise and make corrections since the exam is written in pencil.Vocabulary you can use for it is: Well reading the above way of creating an essay might have taught you some good things but at the same time we have some bonus tips that you can readily make use of. You could be asked to do any of the above types of questions. Make sure you sound like an academic when arguing and avoid using overtly passionate language like I hate or I would not like. Do not write in one big paragraph, make sure you break up each section while keeping in mind the cohesiveness of the essay. Try not to repeat yourself even when trying to reiterate an idea. So, it is important that you need to learn vocabulary to make your essay look eloquent with rich English words and one way of doing it is to practice new words.Not only will a stronger vocabulary help with your writing, it will also help you better understand what you're reading. Speaking of reading, it has long been known that reading is one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary. To sum up, success at college will depend in part on your ability to communicate through writing. And one way to improve your vocabulary is to read more, which in turn also helps to improve your writing by exposing you to examples of the very thing you are trying to emulate: good writing. But first, take a minute to complete the vocabulary test below, matching the vocabulary words with the definitions below them.


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