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Thus, an interviewer is sure to ‘grill’ an interviewee in order to find the most suitable candidate. ”- Let’s understand the question with the help of an example: “I have finished a Bachelors’ degree in commerce and I feel I have the right skills and educational qualifications to make ‘accounting’ as a career.” The interviewee is vague about what he intends to do in future;,he does not explain why he is a most suitable candidate.Speaking about educational background is fine but specific points will make one ‘standout’ and help ensure a job offer. I am comfortable with numbers and have a strong educational background in the field.So, I am going to name one thing, for each program, that I hope to use them for in the future.

Chartered Accountants in Sri Lanka Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka today play a pivotal role in Sri Lanka’s boardrooms; where nearly 60 percent of the top 50 companies listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange has a CA Sri Lanka member either as chairman, CEO or finance director.

Was there a particular program you found more interesting than the others?

In this day and age where competition is intense, the Chartered Accountant qualification has been designed to provide you an extensive knowledge that covers the subject of business, finance and management and a broader spectrum which will help enhance your professional career, proficiency in a multitude of subjects instead of being confined to a single topic.

The Chartered Accountant The chartered accountant is a professional in the field of Accountancy - well versed in the subjects of accountancy, auditing, management accountancy, information technology, taxation, corporate and commercial law, financial management, management, economics and other connected subjects.

The chartered accountants in Sri Lanka are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.

Career prospects The demand for the services of chartered accountants has been growing rapidly in the recent past.

Of the total membership, more than 27percent serve with distinction abroad.

It is therefore very evident that the prospects of those choosing chartered accountancy as a career are excellent.

The process through which you must go through to secure a job is relatively tough.

This is one job that requires an employee to be meticulous and be exceptionally good with ‘numbers’.


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