Write An Essay And Win A House

The Spells are also hoping to raise enough money to pay off the rest of their mortgage; if they get $5,000 entries at $200 apiece, they’ll earn $1 million, enough to cover the mortgage and their retirement.

What you can win: A 20-acre goat farm in Elkmont, Alabama, worth $345,000, including 85 goats and all farm equipment, plus training during the first half of November for anyone not familiar with the business of making goat cheese.

An additional bonus includes the winner getting a check for $10,000 while the second prize is $1,000 and third prize is $500. They have gotten about 44,000 views on the website.

Looking back, what would she have done differently? "We anticipated the internet and social media to be a stronger platform and have a stronger reach than what has been," said Maggie.

It allows them to discover candidates who are passionate about the industry but might not be able to afford to buy the business, while also drumming up a little extra cash for the next stage of their lives.

As a bonus, the publicity generated by essay contests with such huge rewards can be a boost for the business.

I'm so happy that I stayed in Wisconsin; I couldn't imagine my husband and I raising our three daughters anywhere else.

Tim and Maggie Lott, of Corning, want to sell their home to someone with a compelling essay.

If there's not enough participants, then entree fees will be returned. Answer the following question - What owning a five acre farm property would mean to me, us and/or my family. Essay needs to be at least 500 words and no more than 1,000 words. The Lotts do not see any of the essays during the contest.

However, the owners have the right to accept less than 2,500 entries and allow the judges to determine the winners.1. They use a courier service with a professional who picks up the mail and sends every submission to the attorney.


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