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I had tried some books by Louis Lamour and Jack London, but this book was unlike anything I had ever seen. The warrior told the wench that he was in need of nourishment and a nap.

A banner in the library proclaimed "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover" and that was our librarian's creed. Taran, a young and brave warrior, and his stout blade, Dyrnwyn, fresh off a battle with a hoard of ravaging beasts in his home land, Prydain, strode into his home. Then he proceeded into the main room to rest his weary limbs.

But judging from The Book of Three, if it was half as good as its cover, I would be ecstatic. As the young barbarian began to slip into slumber, his acute ears picked up a hissing coming from across the room. He'll feel the wrath of my blade." So Taran continued to lie still, feigning sleep, until he felt the thing’s breath rustle his shaggy mop and trickle across his arm.

Without showing any alarm or fear, he cracked an eyelid and peered out through the mesh of eyelashes. Its head oscillated from one side to another in search of easy prey. Then just before the serpent could strike, he leaped to his feet, brandishing his sword.

In what should have been Taran’s shinning moment, his troubles really began.

A loud clanging and shattering sound erupted from the felled beast.

The first one just called for students to write about or explore what they consider to be their passions or expertise.

The second one was a narrative examining their best moment related to their passion or expertise.

The villain was riding atop a snarling white steed reared up on its hind legs.

A crimson cloak flowed from his rippled torso, and he brandished a long sword high above his head.


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