Writing College Papers On Ipad

Writing College Papers On Ipad-80
You can hold the i Pad like a book and walk around campus while you read and annotate course materials or use an external keyboard to type on a desk, or on your lap.

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With a weight of around 500g (depending on the model) and a depth between 5.9mm and 7.5mm, Apple’s tablet is extremely portable and lightweight.

Your back and posture will thank you if you don’t drop another heavy device into your backpack that may already be full of other stuff.

The only way to get more storage is by saving files in the cloud.

While the i Pad Pro models have storage options with up to 1 terabyte, the largest available option for the i Pad 6th generation is 128 GB.

Apple offers student discounts so that the price can be pressed even lower.

As we said in the beginning, the answer to the question if you should buy an i Pad Pro for University depends on what you plan to do with it.

To write on any other model, you will have to get yourself equipped with a proper third-party stylus.

Compared to older models, the i Pad Pros are made of more durable and high-quality materials and their design looks modern with thin bezels on the side of the screen.

The i Pad Pro models all have what Apple calls a “full laminated display”.

This isn’t supported on other i Pad models, which makes a slight difference when using the Apple Pencil to write on the screen.


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