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, did you come up with a question and then find a paper that helped solve it?Or did you find interesting or weird research and then come up with a question that it could help answer? Maybe more for , it’s more ones where I had the question first. You know, there was the Bruce Springsteen concert that I mentioned.

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” Then, if the answer is “maybe” or “it’s surprisingly possible” or “no, but for an interesting reason,” then I say, “Okay, well, I’m going to write a guide ‘How to do X.’” In the case of the property law paper, the laws are really ambiguous about this.

So it suggested that you could do some kind of incredibly impractical heist where you buy property, but your neighbor has much more valuable property.

The move here seems to be to pull the thread and then take it to the absolute furthest extreme that it can physically go within the natural laws of our Universe. Is there something that appeals to you about applying math and science like this?

I think what appeals to me is that it’s cool that math and science let you get answers when you do that.

I feel like everyone kind of looks around and wonders, “Oh, I saw a giant ant in this movie. ” Or “If I were in space, and I’ve wanted to deliver a package to the ground, could I just throw it out the window? ” And what’s really fun is that some of these problems, you don’t even know where to start solving that because there’s no easy way to try it.

But you can actually get an answer through some straightforward calculations.” And I had no idea of what even the order of magnitude of the cost of a lava moat would be.But I was just on my phone, and I was like, “I know they do thermal mapping from above, and I know most of the heat is lost to the air.I bet I can find a paper on this.” So I dug up this paper on heat flux from lava flows, and it gives it in watts per square meter.If you figure out how many square meters this moat is going to be, then simple multiplication will tell you how many watts of heat are flowing off of this, and that’s how many watts you need to supply it at minimum to keep it molten.There’s a little infographic about a seismology institute that accidentally picked up a Bruce Springsteen concert on their seismograph from people dancing.And based on the beat of the dancing, they could figure out which songs were playing when in the set.Then you just multiply that by the price of electricity in my friend’s town, and bam! It just seems very cool to get like real answers like that.“It would cost ,000 a day to keep this moat molten,” which is not something I think you can figure out any other way.It feels like there is a good answer out there that research might be able to find.In that case, I feel like it could be sort of frustrating to write a thing where it’s like, “Let’s explore these fantastical solutions” when you want to know the real solution.


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